Bellingham and Whatcom County are popular for bicyclists, whether bike commuting to work, riding the trails, or taking a nice road ride in the county. However, when a car and bike collide, it's nearly always the cyclist who is hurt worse.

David was driving home from work on his motorcycle when he collided with a van. The accident resulted in a broken leg. The police determined that David was the at-fault driver and gave him a citation because he had rear-ended the van in front of him. But Bellingham motorcycle accident attorney Bill Coats found out that was only one side of the story. David explained that he was on a one way street with three lanes.

Diana was walking with her grandchild through the Bellingham Lowes parking lot when a van began backing into them.  Diana pushed her grandchild safely out of the way, but was knocked to the ground and injured her shoulder.

Travis was driving to work in his employer’s truck when a driver with marijuana in his system ran a stop sign and crashed into Travis. He suffered a fractured arm that required surgery to fix. The at-fault driver had no insurance, but Bellingham attorney Bill Coats was able to make a claim with the employer’s insurance company. After filing a lawsuit, the insurance company agreed to pay $180,000 to compensate Travis for his injury.