$677,000 – Head-on Car Crash Injures Mother and Five Children

One lovely summer day, a driver was not paying attention to the road as she barrelled down State Route 2 near Monroe, Washington. The car in front of her slowed to stop, but the driver didn’t see it until the last minute. To try to avoid a rear-end crash, she swerved her SUV into the lane of oncoming traffic. Angella, a mother of four, was driving her children and a young family friend to swim lessons. The distracted driver still struck the rear of the car in front of her, and then smashed head-on into Angella’s minivan.

The mother and all kids sustained severe injuries from the force of the collision. 

There was no question who was at fault. However, Angella and the children who were each represented by Guardians ad Litem needed help dividing the funds between all parties. Bill took on the case and figured out how to split the insurance policy’s limit of $500,000 between Angella and all the injured children. He also found ways to add nearly $200,000 to that policy limit. 

It’s terrible when any innocent person is hurt in a car accident. Although anyone can be injured in a car crash, it’s always worse when the victims are vulnerable children who can’t even drive or negotiate for themselves while they recover. An attorney who can consider all angles and works hard to find money that isn’t obviously available can help accident victims regain their lives. Click here to learn more about how Bill handles¬†car accidents.¬†

Amount: $677,000

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