$1,000,000 – Head-on Collision Near Bellingham

Jenna was in Bellingham on a visit from British Columba, Canada.  Her friend was driving on I-5 and lost control.  She overcorrected, crossed the median, and hit a car going the opposite direction.  Jenna was critically injured and transported by helicopter to the hospital, where she underwent extensive medical treatment.

A major problem with the case was that the driver had only minimal insurance.  However, attorney Bill Coats has extensive experience in car accident cases occurring throughout Whatcom County. He realized that because Jenna was from BC, she had insurance coverage through ICBC, the provincial insurance company.  Bill worked with a highly qualified lawyer in BC to recover over 1 million dollars total compensation for Jenna.

Car accidents can result in serious injury, where a moment’s mistake can mean a lifetime of residual effects. An attorney who can consider all the angles in finding compensation that mends victims’ lives is key. Click here to learn more about how Bill handles car accidents if you or someone you love has been injured. 

Amount: $1,000,000

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