Client Reviews for Bellingham Lawyer Bill Coats

Bill was an excellent choice for an attorney. He and his staff where very attentive and genuine people. My husband and I appreciated his diligence with working with our insurance company in getting a fair amount for our settlement and case. We would highly recommend his services to anyone in need. Thank you to Bill and to his staff, working with you has been a blessing.

Felicia Warren

I was referred to Bill to help handle my Aunts death in a car accident. Not knowing how to deal with the car insurance companies, medical bills, and Medicare etc, Bill stepped in and took that burden on with grace. He over-delivered on his promise to settle with the insurance companies not only on the time frame but on the compensation to my Aunts estate. Bill and his staff kept us informed throughout the process so we were never guessing or in the dark. Thank you Bill for everything. During a difficult time with our loss, you took a huge burden off our shoulders so we could focus on our family.

Chris Howard

We came in for a consultation and Bill was extremely helpful. He took time with us, answering any questions we had, giving us excellent advice. This was our first experience with a lawyer and we would highly recommend his services. Thank you.


Bill Coats is a standup guy and first-class attorney. This is a review of the first consultation. I called on the phone and a paralegal took notes on my case. Then an appointment was made. At the meeting Bill asked a lot of great questions. Took the time to talk out the case. Made specific suggestions to proceed forward. Highly knowledgeable and recommended !!!


I was rear-ended on the Guide Meridian by someone who was texting. I tried to negotiate my own case, but the insurance adjuster made it difficult to settle, so I hired Bill Coats. Bill and his paralegal always returned my calls, kept me updated, answered my emails, everything. I always knew step by step how my case was going. Bill explained everything. I felt like Bill was working with me as a team. The entire experience was great and I received a settlement that was much more than what the adjuster was willing to negotiate with me. My case also settled quickly, which was wonderful. I was so impressed with Bill. I would highly recommend Bill for your personal injury case. He’s the best!!!


I had the pleasure of working with Bill and his office staff with an auto accident claim. The relationship was smooth, professional and caring from the very beginning. I was told what to expect in layman’s terms and all the information provided was true to their word. I would absolutely recommend Bill to anyone looking for complete and comprehensive legal advice.

Lee C.

I will be forever thankful for Bill and his team, they helped me in a time when I felt completely hopeless and made me feel like I wasn’t alone. Their hard work and dedication paid off greatly and thanks to their help, I can finally get my life back on track. Thank you so much.

Amariah B.

My grandson and I were hit by a car in a parking lot. My grandson was not injured but I was knocked to the ground and had serious injury to my shoulder. This was a very difficult time for me in many ways and I am happy to say that Bill made it as easy as possible in dealing with the bills and insurance company. Bill and his staff were there whenever I had questions with quick and correct answers. I am a RN and was very impressed with their knowledge of the health care system. My case went very smoothly and rather quickly – my sister was in an accident around the same time as me and also had surgery. My sister is still dealing with everything and is having a hard time communicating with her lawyer to get a completion to her case. I highly recommend Bill Coats and his staff! There was never a time when I did not feel that they had my interest on the top of their list. I had a hard time dealing with the all the pain and appointments and changes in my everyday life but never did I worry about the bills or dealing with the insurance company- I always felt they cared and worked to get the best for me. My case was settled and I am very happy.

Diana N.

Bill and his staff were so great to work with. They were always professional and kept me informed in every step of the process. They were compassionate to my injuries and took all time that was needed to make sure that I understood my rights and responsibilities. Thank you so much Bill.

Kim B.

I very much appreciated the efficiency and professionalism of Bill Coats as my attorney. He helped me out during a difficult time in my life and showed that he was compassionate, understanding of my situation, and truly cared about the outcome in my case. I could not imagine receiving the same level of service from many other lawyers. Bill far exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond what I would consider the typical attorney/client relationship. There is no question that I would recommend Bill to a family member, friend, or acquaintance in need of an excellent attorney that I know would be dedicated to his or her cause.

Adrian J.

I had a car accident that resulted in back injury and surgery. In my research to find a good attorney and not knowing which questions to even ask I found Bill Coats website very helpful and full of information and questions to ask attorneys. I went out with my questions in hand interviewing different attorneys (I had wanted to find one in my home town) there was not one attorney that was forth coming and most often they were surprised by my questions one attorney refused to answer one if the questions. It was then that I decided to drive the 40 minutes to meet and consult with Bill Coats. He was forth coming confident, listened and asked me questions, then he wrote on a white board the different aspects of my situation which included the amounts from different insurance companies and said he would ask for the full limits on each policy. I also felt I deserved the full limits and I asked Bill Coats if he would take it to trial if need be he said he would and agreed to take my case. We didn’t need to go to trial and Bill got me the maximum on each policy. I was awarded in total a very large sum. I can’t thank Bill enough and his staff were superb, kind and made me feel at home. Bill’s. Paralegal was so so kind so organized and always called me back the same day. The best decision I made was deciding to drive further for the best!

Michelle D.

I was in a horrific work accident and was overwhelmed by the questions and paperwork people wanted me to sign in the hospital so I hired a lawyer on a recommendation without any research. Less than 6 months into the process I realized I was in trouble so my wife did some research and found Bill. Upon meeting him we knew we were in good hands. Bill Coats was amazing through the entire process. He truly fought hard for us and made sure the right people were in our corner. Through his efforts and hard work, he put the opposition on their heels and in turn helped us move forward with our lives. I can’t thank him enough for everything that he did for me and my growing family. I would recommend him to all.

Phil R.

I got into the accident while I was a minor and my family had just moved away (I was a graduated minor) and I was so worried about everything that was going on throughout the entire case. Bill Coats had kept me well informed and worked really hard to get me what I deserved and what I wanted. I felt very comfortable talking with him and I was glad to have someone looking out for me. I highly recommend Bill Coats.

Haley H.

If you are searching for the best attorney to assist with your personal injury claim, look no further. Bill Coats is the one. My experience is slightly different than most reviewers because I was able to settle my claim on my own. But for more than 18 months, Bill provided professional guidance during the process – and the assurance that if I ever needed excellent legal representation, he was there. Because of Bill’s counsel, I was able to settle my claim fairly, efficiently, and with confidence, always knowing that I could count on Bill to step in if the need arose. With the highest AVVO rating and the experience and expertise to match, Bill Coats is uniquely qualified to provide outstanding service and results. Please, do yourself a favor and call Bill today. I feel certain you’ll be glad you did.

Larry H.

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