$225,000 – Rear-end Collision at Freeway On-ramp

Paul was stopped at the traffic signal waiting to get onto the I-5 freeway. The at-fault driver wasn’t paying attention and did not see that Paul was stopped ahead of her as she accelerated to highway speed. By the time she realized she needed to stop, she could not slow down because a water bottle had rolled under her brake pedal. Paul was rear-ended by a car reaching highway speed.

The impact led to injuries to Paul’s neck and back, as well as wage loss as he recovered. Expenses quickly exhausted the limits of the at-fault driver’s policy, since she maintained only minimal coverage. Bellingham attorney Bill Coats knew that because Paul carried Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage, he would not be left to shoulder the difference himself. 

Sometimes it takes the skill and experience of a personal injury lawyer to get through the legalese and fine print of insurance policies to reach a fair settlement. Accident victims have enough to handle as they heal; while they do, Bill Coats Law takes care of the financial recovery process that so often involves insurance companies that don’t want to pay. Click here to learn more about car accidents if you, a loved one, or a friend, have been hurt because of someone else’s negligent driving.

Amount: $225,000

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