$1,300,000 – Toddler Injured After Drinking Lye

Liam, a three-year-old toddler, was seriously injured at a friend’s home when he drank lye that had been left out from a soap making party that day. Bellingham Personal Injury Attorney Bill Coats recovered $1,300,00 for Liam and obtained court approval for the settlement, since Liam was a minor. The basis of the claim was negligence in leaving the lye out where a toddler could grab it. Bill determined that there was a $300,000 homeowners’ policy as well as a $1,000,000 umbrella policy that would cover this liability claim. As you can imagine, Liam suffered significant injuries to his esophagus, undergoing surgery that literally pulled his stomach into his thoracic cavity, creating a narrowing that will need endoscopic dilation in the future. He will always have acid reflux and will require medication for the rest of his life. He also underwent a jejunotomy tube placement because he now requires supplemental tube feeding for at least the next decade. Bellingham Personal Injury Attorney Bill Coats negotiated this settlement with the insurance company without going to trial.

Amount: $1,300,000

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