$550,000 – Whatcom County Truck Driver Suffers Fractured Arm from Commercial Trucking Negligence

Robert was a long-haul truck driver for over 20 years.  He was almost home here in Bellingham when seemingly out of nowhere, part of a tire came crashing through his windshield.  The tire had come off a semi-truck that was traveling in the other direction when it exploded, flew across the median and crashed through Robert’s windshield.

Bellingham personal injury attorney Bill Coats meticulously researched how a tire could explode and fly off a moving truck. He hired a leading tire expert to investigate the cause of the tire failure. The expert found that the tire failure was due to over-deflection caused by too much load, too little inflation pressure, or a combination of the two. A situation such as this points to negligence, which harmed Bill’s client. After negotiations failed to produce a reasonable settlement offer, Bill launched a lawsuit that eventually secured a $550,000 settlement for Robert.

Increasingly, accidents with semi-trucks are becoming common, especially along high-speed Whatcom County roads and highways. If you’ve been involved in such an accident, you’re not alone, and an experienced attorney can help you. Contact Bill for a free consultation about your case. For more information about his approach, visit the Practice Areas page for more information on semi-truck accidents.

Amount: $550,000

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