$260,000 – Bicycle Accident Caused by Truck Negligence

Lynn loved to ride her bike.  Every workday she rode to her job at Joint Base Lewis McChord.  Lynn was well aware of the dangers of riding and always rode safely with a sharp eye out for hazards.  She was in the bike lane as she approached an intersection.  The light turned green and Lynn proceeded straight when the commercial vehicle to her left turned suddenly and hit her, crushing her bike and breaking her leg.

The driver and insurance company claimed that the collision was Lynn’s fault because he had his blinker on and was already turning and that she had driven into him!  Lynn said that there was no blinker and that she was already well into the intersection when he turned.  It was a classic “he said/she said” case.

Whatcom County personal injury lawyer Bill Coats filed a lawsuit and took the drivers deposition where he was able to bring out inconsistencies in the story and raise doubts about his credibility.  Before trial the insurance company agreed to settle the case for $260,000.

When a bike and a truck are involved in an accident, it’s almost always the cyclist who loses. That doesn’t have to be true in the recovery process. Bill Coats can fight for these rights so you don’t have to. Contact Bill for a free consultation about your case at his downtown Bellingham office. For more information about his approach, visit the Practice Areas page on bicycle accidents. 

Amount: $260,000

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