$195,000 – Shoulder Injury from Pedestrian Collision in Bellingham

Diana was walking with her grandchild through the Bellingham Lowes parking lot when a van began backing into them.  Diana pushed her grandchild safely out of the way, but was knocked to the ground and injured her shoulder.

Whatcom County pedestrian accident lawyer Bill Coats successfully argued to the insurance company that Diana’s damages must include money to finish a remodeling project that she would not be able to complete on her own as she had planned.  Also, the cost of future household services like cleaning and yard work were included because the injuries kept her from doing that work herself.

Sometimes it’s tempting to take the first offer from the insurance company because that seems like what victims deserve. However, an experienced attorney can look beyond the immediate issues in a case and see deeper impacts of the accident on his clients’ lives. Contact Bill for a free consultation about your case. For more information about his approach, visit the Practice Areas page on pedestrian accidents.

Amount: $195,000

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