$200,000 – Whatcom County Bicycle Accident Results in Shoulder Injury

Bellingham and Whatcom County are popular for bicyclists, whether bike commuting to work, riding the trails, or taking a nice road ride in the county. However, when a car and bike collide, it’s nearly always the cyclist who is hurt worse.

Ian was a college graduate student and avid mountain climber who was injured when his bicycle collided with a car whose driver failed to yield the right of way and turned left directly into Ian. Ian’s left shoulder was badly injured in the collision, requiring him to undergo surgery. 

Despite Bill’s repeated efforts to obtain a full settlement for Ian, the defendant’s insurance adjuster balked, requiring Bill to file suit. Eventually the case settled for $200,000.

Bicycle accident victims need a strong ally in getting the compensation they deserve. Contact Bill, Bellingham’s top bike accident attorney, for a free consultation about your case. For more information about his approach, visit the Practice Areas page on bicycle accidents.

Amount: $200,000

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