$745,000 – Neck Surgery After Collision with Drunk Driver in Whatcom County

Michelle was in two car accidents, exactly 13 months apart, making her case a bit more complicated than normal. The first collision was on November 13, 2007.  Michelle was sideswiped and felt a strain in her back.  Her back continued to give her problems and eventually her doctors recommended surgery.  Two weeks before the surgery, on December 13, 2008, she was hit by a drunk driver who crossed the centerline while driving along the highway near Bellingham.  The second accident caused a closed head injury and significantly slowed her recovery and rehabilitation from the surgery.

Since the drunk driver didn’t carry much in insurance coverage, certainly not nearly enough to pay Michelle’s medical bills and address her damages, Bill undertook negotiations with Michelle’s own insurance company to get coverage from her Underinsured Motorist (UIM) policy. Negotiations were complicated because there were two collisions and two UIM claims.  Bill was able to secure a total settlement of $745,000 to help Michelle’s financial recovery.

While it may seem like a fluke in this particular case, drunk driving accidents are some of the most common, as statistics show. Click here to learn moreabout drunk driving accidents, and what you should consider if someone you know or you personally have been in one. Bellingham lawyer Bill Coats is experienced with complex negotiations such as this, which gives his clients the confidence that they are in good  hands.

Amount: $745,000

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