Unsafe Roads and Highways

Personal injury attorney Bill Coats has successfully handled numerous unsafe road claims

Unsafe road claims are complicated, and Bill Coats employs his 20 years of experience to manage these complex cases. For many, the process is made more difficult because the government agencies that oversee the road systems employ huge insurance companies with defense attorneys that aggressively defend claims. Acquiring all necessary documentation and reports is a challenging process, requiring a strong understanding of the needs of each injured client and each claim.

If you have been injured in an accident caused in part by unsafe road or highway conditions, you need an experienced attorney who has handled these unique claims. Contact Bill Coats to get your questions answered and find out more about your options.

While most accidents are caused by the behaviors of drivers, some accidents are caused wholly or in part by unsafe roads and highways. Some common road safety issues include:

  • missing or confusing signs;
  • potholes or deteriorating road surfaces;
  • lack of adequate water drainage;
  • unsafe road construction zones;
  • improperly graded curves;
  • narrow roads and steep drop offs;
  • dangerous intersections;
  • missing median dividers.

Unsafe road conditions can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles, resulting in accidents and injuries. Even if another driver causes an accident, an unsafe road condition can contribute to the crash, and the agency responsible for maintaining roads may be held liable.

Government Budget Cuts Mean Delays in Road Maintenance and Repairs

As more local and state agencies experience budget problems, the money for road maintenance and repair becomes scarcer, and repair projects become a lower priority. When this neglect causes an accident or injury, the government agency may be held responsible. When someone is injured and is dealing with pain, trauma, medical treatments and growing medical bills, it is crucial to find every source of available funding, to help an injured person begin to heal physically and financially.

What Does it Cost to Have a Personal Injury Attorney Handle Your Road Design Claim?

Since Bill only works on a contingency fee basis, there are no upfront costs. Bill only gets paid when you get a settlement or jury verdict.

Bill’s Experience Handling Road Design Claims Ensures Full Settlements and Verdicts

Successfully managing a road design case is challenging because of the complexity of the process. These claims require extensive communications with a wide range of entities including city and state agencies, insurance companies, engineering and construction firms, and others to locate and acquire documents, data, and evidence of negligence. Often there are multiple entities at fault, requiring a higher volume of legal documents and filings.

Don’t trust your road design claim to an inexperienced attorney. Contact Bill Coats to learn about your potential case.

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