Hit-and-run Accidents

Hit-and-run accidents are more common than you would think

It is a sad fact that many accidents are caused by hit-and-run drivers who avoid responsibility for their actions by fleeing the scene, leaving the injured party to take on the full burden of recovery. A recent AAA Foundation analysis showed that approximately 11% of all police- reported crashes involved a hit-and-run driver, and that about 60% of the people killed in hit-and-run crashes are pedestrians, with 1 in 5 pedestrian fatalities involving hit-and-run drivers. This is a shameful epidemic nationwide.

Bellingham Attorney Bill Coats Has the Expertise to Manage a Hit-and-Run Accident Claim

When you have been seriously injured, or if a loved one has been killed in a collision with a hit-and-run driver, the pain, grief, and distress is compounded by the knowledge that the at-fault party may avoid responsibility. Bill Coats has worked with many clients left to deal with the aftermath of a serious accident involving a hit-and-run driver. If the driver is not caught, the victim needs an experienced attorney to obtain all available funds necessary to cover all current and future damages.

Contact Bill Coats today to discuss your potential claim and learn more about your rights. Your initial consultation is free.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage (UIM) Covers Hit and Run Accidents

When the at-fault driver flees, the options for financial recovery are more limited. Bill Coats immediately works with his clients’ insurance company to launch a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and UM claims, so that medical bills will be paid immediately and down the road. He reviews police collision and witness reports, and follows up with insurance adjusters to attempt to bring the at-fault party to justice. Even when that driver is never found, Bill will locate any insurance money available to help his clients recover financially from injuries from a hit-and-run accident.

Hit-and-Run Accidents are Common in Pedestrian Accidents, Often With Devastating Results

Pedestrians are uniquely at risk for injury or death since they have little protection against a moving vehicle. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one in five fatal pedestrian accidents involves a hit-and-run driver. Since injuries and damages to a pedestrian are typically more severe, with a higher incidence of fatality, these claims are especially challenging.

Strong Correlation Between Hit and Run Accidents and Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Research shows that a high percentage of hit and run accidents involve an impaired driver. The fear of arrest and criminal charges often motivates a driver to flee the accident scene. Given the large number of drivers who are willing to drink and drive, it is no wonder that the incidence of hit and run accidents is on the rise.

Do You Need an Attorney for Your Hit and Run Accident Claim?

When there is no at-fault party identified, managing a personal injury claim is more challenging. To obtain as full a settlement as possible, based on all available insurance coverage, contact Bill Coats. His experience enables his clients to focus on physical and emotional recovery while Bill focuses on financial recovery.

Your consultation is free, and there is no up-front cost when Bill takes your case. Bill is paid when you receive your settlement or verdict money.

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