Passenger Auto Injury Claims

When a passenger is injured in an accident, the claim can be complicated

Passengers are often the victims of negligence by other drivers. Sometimes injuries happen from a bad decision by a separate vehicle. But often, a passenger is injured or killed due to poor choice by the passenger’s driver, usually someone they know and trust. In either circumstance, an injured passenger needs to make a claim with the insurance companies of both drivers involved.

Bill Coats Has Handled Many Claims for Injured Passengers Throughout His 20 Year Career

Bill has worked with dozens of clients who were injured through no fault of their own. Often these clients feel guilt for making a claim against the insurance policy of a friend, acquaintance, or relative. While this is understandable, it is important for an injured passenger to recover the funds needed to heal, to cover medical bills and lost wages, and to have the money needed to cover all future medical expenses for injuries suffered in an accident.

Contact Bill Coats to learn more about your potential claim and have your questions answered. Since Bill works on a contingency fee basis, there is no upfront cost to have him handle your claim. He gets paid once you obtain a settlement or verdict.

How Does a Driver’s Insurance Help an Injured Passenger?

When a passenger is injured, the at-fault driver’s Personal Injury Protection (PIP) will immediately begin to pay for medical bills, assuming the driver has PIP included in their policy. But since many drivers carry no PIP coverage, an accident claim must be filed. A passenger injury claim proceeds just like any other type of car accident claim, except that the passenger would make the claim against both drivers, if it was a two car accident.

Attorney Bill Coats Handles All Aspects of The Claim For an Injured Passenger

Bill helps his injured clients by managing all communications with insurance companies, by gathering police reports, medical records, and other documents to build a claim, and by negotiating with insurance adjusters to obtain a full settlement. In cases where a full settlement is not offered, Bill is perfectly willing to take the case to a jury.

If a passenger dies as the result of the accident, Bill will launch a wrongful death claim, to hold the at-fault party responsible for negligence and help the surviving family members, inasmuch as money can.

What Can Bill Coats Do to Help You Immediately?

If you have been injured and are trying to recover physically while also dealing with insurance adjusters who are pushing you to settle an injury claim, you need an attorney to take over. Insurance companies train their adjusters to aggressively push for a low settlement, often before medical treatment is even complete. Often injuries can take months or years to resolve; sometimes injuries lead to permanent disability.

Bill Coats will manage your claim by:

  • gathering all medical records and reports to build a compelling injury claim;
  • communicating with medical providers to get bills paid;
  • determining the value of your claim including lost wages, future medical costs, and the value of pain and suffering;
  • negotiating a full settlement, or taking your case to a jury when necessary.

Don’t Sign Anything Until You Speak with an Experienced Attorney

Don’t cheat yourself of the one chance you have to recover funds that will ease your financial burden from the accident. Once you agree to a settlement, you will never be able to open the claim again. Contact Bill to learn more about your rights and get your questions answered.

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