Bus and Mass Transit Accidents

When an accident on public transportation leads to serious injury

While public transportation is statistically very safe, accidents happen regularly. When a major injury happens from an accident on a metro bus, a school bus, a taxicab, a ferry, or a community transit shuttle, the resulting claim is complicated and requires an experienced personal injury attorney.

Attorney Bill Coats Has the Experience to Manage Your Bus, Mass Transit, Or Transportation Accident Claim

Bill’s 20 years of legal experience in Bellingham and Whatcom County enables him to efficiently oversee all aspects of a complex transit accident claim. These claims tend to be complicated, with multiple at-fault parties and large insurance companies fighting aggressively to defend the claim.

Common causes of transportation and bus accidents include:

  • operator error;
  • poor staff training;
  • equipment failure and lack of maintenance;
  • aggressive driving by drivers of other vehicles;
  • road congestion and construction zones.

Injuries from Bus And Transportation Accidents Can Be Serious And Permanent

An accident from a bus, taxi, or mass transit collision can cause more serious injuries because often the passengers are not wearing seat belts and have no airbags or other safety gear to protect them. Even a fairly minor collision can result in serious or permanent injuries. Bill Coats knows that mass transportation companies and government agencies employ aggressive insurance companies and defense attorneys to protect them from liability. He knows how to deal with insurance adjusters to negotiate a full settlement for his clients. And he knows that when a full settlement is not offered, it’s time to take the claim to a jury.

Don’t Take on A Huge Insurance Company Alone – You Will Lose.

Attorney Bill Coats oversees all aspects of your injury claim from a bus or transportation crash. He focuses on your financial recovery so that you can concentrate on healing. Contact Bill by calling 360-303-0601 or by completing this simple contact form.

Regardless of whether you were injured in a collision with a bus, taxi, or other transportation vehicle, or you were riding in one during an accident, you deserve effective legal assistance to ensure that you receive the financial support you need to move forward with your life. Get that support now by contacting Bill Coats.

Your initial consultation is free, and there is no upfront cost. Bill gets paid when you receive your settlement or jury verdict.

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