June 10, 2015 , Personal Injury

Getting the best case scenario for your case: things both you and your lawyer should do

If you find yourself in need of a personal injury lawyer, you've most likely just experienced something difficult or traumatizing. Maybe you're facing a stack of medical bills while being unable to work. Or worse, maybe someone close to you has died ...
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June 4, 2015 , Personal Injury

Top 5 Frivolous Lawsuits

We’ve all heard of frivolous law suits. It’s a legal term that defines a suit as one without any legal merit. In some cases, such an action might be brought in bad faith f...
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June 2, 2015 , Personal Injury

Lots of Rain? Don’t Hydroplane. Here’s How You Can Drive Safely on Wet Roads

In Bellingham, WA, we can get a lot of rain. Wet roadways present some driving hazards that can catch drivers off guard, especially hydroplaning. Hydroplaning means a loss of traction and sliding on a film of water. Wet road surfaces can cause tires ...
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May 27, 2015 , Personal Injury

Classes and Resources for Learning How To Be a Safer Boater

Boaters can't control a lot of things - the weather and other boaters being two of the more potentially unpredictable factors. But there is one thing boaters should try to perfect - safety.  In 2012 there were 4,515 boating-related accidents ...
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May 26, 2015 , Personal Injury

10 Tips to Prevent Road Rage

As roadways become increasingly congested, how we feel when we drive has a lot to do with how safely we drive. NHTSA (National  Highway Traffic Safety Administration) estimates that aggressive driving accounts for about one-third of all crashes ...
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May 20, 2015 , Personal Injury

Speeding Doesn’t Get You There Faster

While it might seem counter intuitive, speeding doesn't help you reach your destination faster, even if you're passing cars. The biggest factor that slows drivers down is stop lights. It's not only the time spent in idle; there is also the factor of ...
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April 30, 2015 , Personal Injury

Holiday Road-Trip Survival Tips

Are you and your family planning to drive to a holiday get-together this year? Whether you’re heading to Grandma’s cottage or a favorite vacation spot to celebrate holidays with family or friends, AAA has simple tips to help make your drive a smo...
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