September 6, 2017 , Rollover Crashes

Avoid these six driving errors and avoid a rollover car crash

As I've previously written, 94% of car accidents are caused by human error, which is to say they are PREVENTABLE. One of the worst types of car accidents is a rollover. This happens when a vehicle flips over onto its side or roof. Often a sharp turn ...
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July 13, 2017 , Rollover Crashes

How to reduce your risk of a rollover

There are several factors that make it more likely for a driver to be involved in a rollover accident. A brief google search will show we've had some terrible ones making the headlines in Bellingham recently. As you read through the list below, you'l...
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September 3, 2015 , Rollover Crashes

Rollover Accidents Are Especially Dangerous on Whatcom County Roads

While it’s hard to imagine a vehicle accident that isn’t scary, rollovers have particularly dangerous aspects. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) they tend to happen on rural roads that lack barriers like guar...
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September 2, 2015 , Rollover Crashes , Truck Accidents

Trucks and SUVs Have a Higher Rollover Danger that Puts Bellingham Drivers at Risk

The higher the center of gravity, the higher the likelihood that a vehicle will rollover. Accidents and sudden turns can sometimes prove to be too much for trucks and SUVs to handle, which can result in one of the scarier – and deadlier – kinds o...
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August 26, 2015 , Rollover Crashes

The Top Bellingham Attorney for Victims Ejected from Vehicle in Car Crash

We trust that, when we buckle up in a car, it’s about keeping safer in case of an accident. When the safety systems – especially seat belts – work properly, we avoid what too often become devastating injuries. But these types of injuries do occ...
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