August 5, 2015 , Personal Injury

Tips on handling a blown tire

It sounds like a gunshot has gone off in your car, and feels like something else has grabbed hold of the wheel. What's happened? A tire has blown. Even though they may seem counter intuitive, the next steps to take will be critical for avoiding ...
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July 29, 2015 , Personal Injury

New law affects drivers who use marijuana

A new law affects drivers who use marijuana in Bellingham, Whatcom County, and all other drivers in the State of Washington. While marijuana usage has been legal recreationally here for over two years, the state recently passed a law that makes using...
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July 27, 2015 , Personal Injury

Be that guy! The correct way to merge in cone zones

We in Bellingham and Whatcom County are blessed with having relatively low traffic problems. The recent construction downtown, particularly with the closures due to the Chestnut-Bay Bridge, can set a lot of jaws grinding as traffic snarls. While it...
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July 23, 2015 , Personal Injury

Tips on how to survive Armageddon

Maybe you read the recent New Yorker article about how the time is right for a cataclysmic earthquake to strike Bellingham and Whatcom County. Not just a little trembler, but one that is expected to displace millions of people. We who live in th...
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July 15, 2015 , Personal Injury

So you can multi-task? Your brain doesn’t think so

A lot of myths surround the idea of multi-tasking. According to the online etymology dictionary, the term itself came about for the first time in 1966, and only had to do with computing. It wasn't until as recent as 1998 that the term was traced...
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July 13, 2015 , Personal Injury

When do you call a lawyer?

It’s one of the hardest times in life – after a debilitating accident. No one wants to be in this situation, but what if you are? You don’t have to go it alone. Because when you have to call the insurance company, to try to get your bills cover...
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July 8, 2015 , Personal Injury

1 in 112

That number is the odds of dying in a motor vehicle collision. It’s getting harder to die in an accident while it’s getting easier to be in one. Automobiles today have more safety features than ever before. Rear backup assist, cameras, se...
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June 29, 2015 , Personal Injury

Happy Fourth of July – for pets as well as humans

Fourth of July is a time of celebration for many people, but this isn’t so for lots of pets. The explosions of fireworks can be a stressful time for animals. Across the country, animal shelters receive many pets who run away in fright because of th...
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June 25, 2015 , Personal Injury

12 tips for a safe Independence Day

Independence Day is at the height of summer – epitomized by barbeques, swim parties, and road trips. It’s also a time when there is an uptick in emergency visits, as well as tickets and arrests for unsafe driving. According to the Insurance ...
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June 17, 2015 , Personal Injury

Can DUIs be a thing of the past?

We’ve all heard of cars getting smarter, where technology is integrated into the vehicle. Things like rear-view cameras will become mandatory for new cars in 2018, for example, and already we’re used to anti-lock brakes. Now, the DADSS program (t...
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