That number is the odds of dying in a motor vehicle collision. It’s getting harder to die in an accident while it’s getting easier to be in one.

Automobiles today have more safety features than ever before. Rear backup assist, cameras, sensors that alert the driver if the car is veering out of the lane. There is something called the “circle of safety” being implemented in more and more models. It’s like an invisible 360 degree buffer zone with safety features on all sides. There is adaptive cruise control that measures the distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you. Lane departure warnings or lane keep assist programs with cameras that detect vehicles encroaching from the sides (which includes those times where your vehicle drifts). Blind spot detection, rear parking sonar and a rear backup camera. Certainly seems like the cars are getting ready to drive themselves these days, geared up and prepared for what could happen – and so often does – on the road. Still, all these safety features currently rely on a human being to react to what’s going on around them.

This new technology is serious business, and much needed.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the percent chance you’ll die in a car accident is almost 1%, or a 1 in 112 chance. Although that sounds extreme, the rate has been decreasing for years. This trend can be traced to safer cars: better engineering and more safety features to lengthen a driver’s reaction time. An impressive trend, considering there are many more vehicles on modern roads. As far as non-fatal car crashes, it’s quite likely that you’ll experience some kind of crash by the time you reach 34 years of age. A clean accident record until then is rare, as we all know teenaged and young drivers are more prone to collisions. All things considered, most Americans will be in a total of 3-4 accidents in their lifetimes, according to this article linked to Forbes Magazine

If you are involved in a car accident, there is a critical time period during which you can file a claim. Many accidents lead to injuries or damage – or death – that justify financial compensation. Accident victims often have to take time off work, and may have expensive medical bills, etc. Some costs simply outweigh the amount of insurance available or offered. This is when it’s a good time to look into your options with the help of a personal injury attorney. It doesn’t cost you anything to ask for some help. Visit this link to learn more.

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