July 20, 2017 , Bicycle Injuries

Can you or should you? Distracted bicycling is legal in Bellingham and Whatcom County

Even with the newly updated distracted driving law that went into effect earlier this year in Washington State, it is technically legal to ride your bicycle and talk on your phone at the same time. Is this a good idea? Not at all. A quick review, fi...
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July 6, 2017 , Bicycle Injuries

How to crash your mountain bike safer

Bellingham and Whatcom County are becoming increasingly well known as meccas for mountain bikers. As all experienced bikers know, even if you manage to get through your first ride unscathed, you will eventually crash. Though the more rides under...
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July 6, 2017 , Bicycle Injuries

What do you get when you cross a bicyclist with a car door?

It's not a joke, but a common and serious danger to urban bicyclists. Dooring is a type of traffic accident in which a cyclist is struck by a car door being opened by the occupant of a parked car. Bellingham is blessed with many visible and w...
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May 12, 2017 , Bicycle Injuries

Stay safe while bicycling on Bellingham roads

I'd like to focus again on the dangers of bicycling, after my previous post about sports injuries. Bellingham recently experienced a sad loss of one of our citizens to a terrible bike accident, and I noticed the ghost bike near where Eric Weight died...
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March 14, 2017 , Bicycle Injuries , Pedestrian Injury

A refresher on bike and pedestrian safety tips

Bellingham is one of the nation's friendliest towns for bicyclists and pedestrians. Tourists and locals enjoy our many trails on and off the pavement. On foot or by bike is one of the best ways to see the town and get to where you want to go. Here a...
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March 14, 2017 , Bicycle Injuries , Insurance Topics , Pedestrian Injury

PIP PIP Hooray! Pedestrians and bicyclists are covered by car insurance policies

Now that spring has finally arrived, pedestrians and bicyclists start coming out of winter's hibernation. Since we all share the roads together, this brings autos into close range of Hammies who aren't surrounded by a cozy plastic and metal cage. ...
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January 17, 2017 , Bicycle Injuries

Tips for safe nighttime bicycle riding

Most bike accidents happen between 6 pm and 9 pm, according to a study conducted by the Transportation Data Office. Winter is the most dangerous season, due to earlier nights and daylight savings time. Visibility problems and drivers' distractions c...
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January 10, 2017 , Bicycle Injuries

Ride your bike in Bellingham? Here’s how to fit a bike helmet properly

Protect yourself from a fatal auto-bicycle crash with a properly fitting bike helmet. Bicycle riding is popular in Bellingham, and many drivers have encountered bike commuters or recreational riders on Whatcom County roads on a daily basis. Unfortun...
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December 7, 2016 , Bicycle Injuries

Wear a Bicycle Helmet – Protect Your Brain!

Sometime you do things that are smart even if the law does not require it.  One such issue is wearing a BIKE HELMET.  Bellingham Washington Personal Injury Attorney Bill Coats says that although Washington State does not legally require bic...
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March 10, 2016 , Bicycle Injuries

Spring is on its way! Time to get on your bike

Bellingham and Whatcom County are home to some of the best biking trails and roads in the Pacific Northwest. Rolling fields stretch towards mountains and sea amongst easy country roads. World-class trail riding, from beginner to expert, abounds....
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