Protect yourself from a fatal auto-bicycle crash with a properly fitting bike helmet.

Bicycle riding is popular in Bellingham, and many drivers have encountered bike commuters or recreational riders on Whatcom County roads on a daily basis. Unfortunately, some of those encounters result in serious bike accidents, and usually it is the bicyclist who faces the bigger injuries. One thing that can help bicyclists to walk away from a car v. bike accident is a properly fitting helmet. But do you know how to properly fit your helmet?

Here is a great video on how adjust your bike helmet for maximum safety, from Kulshan Cycles via the Bellingham Herald.

If you have been injured in an accident with a car while you were on a bicycle and it was not your fault, call me. Even if you weren’t entirely innocent in the accident, there can still be money available to help you deal with the aftermath of these frequently devastating crashes. I have over twenty years’ experience working with accident victims to help them get the money they deserve, money that can help good people get back on their feet again. You can find more about me here and reach me through this form, or call me at 360-303-0601. More information on bicycle accidents can be found here.

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