Most bike accidents happen between 6 pm and 9 pm, according to a study conducted by the Transportation Data Office. Winter is the most dangerous season, due to earlier nights and daylight savings time. Visibility problems and drivers’ distractions contribute to the risk bicyclists face. Bike riders in Bellingham are no less immune to these dangers, even as bike friendly as our streets are. So, many bike riders may ask, is it safe to ride in the evening at all?  Here are some guidelines for night time bike riding that can make for a safer journey.

Safety Guidelines for Nighttime Bike Riding

  1. Wear bright, reflective clothing. If a driver can’t see you, how’s he going to stop from running into you? Wear neons or white colors, because they will stand out in the darkness. Reflective pieces on clothing such as a vest will show up brightly in a car’s headlights.
  2. Use lights on the front, back, and side of your bicycle. Your bicycle should be equipped with a headlight on the front. This will help you see at nighttime and will also help drivers in front of you to realize that a cyclist is behind them. In addition, install a light on the rear of your bicycle so that approaching drivers can see you and better judge the distance between you and their cars. Furthermore, install reflective lights on your wheels. That way, drivers approaching you perpendicularly will be able to see you even if they can’t see the lights on the front and back of your bike.
  3. Wear a helmet. A helmet can mean the difference between life or death and has been proven to reduce the risk of traumatic brain injuries.

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