February 3, 2016 , Brain Injuries

One of the biggest causes of TBI isn’t football – it’s car accidents

Super Bowl 50 is around the corner, and with it comes news and evidence of players receiving concussions. It’s great to know that someone coming in for a helmet-to-helmet block is going to pay a penalty for it, but not so great when you think about...
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January 11, 2016 , Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injury – Seriousness, Signs, and Symptoms

Our heads carry some of our most precious cargo, and even the thickest of skulls are susceptible to damage. When a car versus a skull go head-to-head (pardon the pun) it’s the human brain that will sustain the most damage, no matter what the pain a...
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August 31, 2015 , Bicycle Injuries , Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injury after a Bicycle Crash in Bellingham is Not Uncommon

Riding a bike offers little protection between rider and the environment. If you are on your bike and are hit by a vehicle, or your crash was caused by some factor beyond your control, you are likely dealing with a lot of injuries. In a collision bet...
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