Generally, bigger, heavier vehicles keep occupants from serious injury better than smaller, lighter vehicles. This principle was evident in this recent massive crash involving two semi tractor trailers and six cars and trucks. The semi drivers walked away fairly unharmed but the two occupants in one of the passenger cars stood no chance against this kind of high speed collision. Both size and weight affect the forces experienced by vehicle occupants during a crash.

In CBS’ article of the top five safest cars on the current market, it won’t surprise you that most were SUVs. However, a couple compact cars were engineered to take the brunt of the force off of the crash test dummies inside.

However, the good news is that larger vehicles (semi trucks notwithstanding) aren’t as dangerous to people in smaller vehicles compared to how they used to be. While smaller vehicles are always at a disadvantage with a heavier vehicle, but there are other factors that can improve the chances the smaller car’s occupants won’t withstand devastating injury. Engineers have been studying collisions for decades, and modern materials combined with this knowledge have improved safety. For example, SUVs and trucks’ energy-absorbing structures didn’t line up with those of cars. Design changes by automakers interested in making their products safer have largely solved this problem. Just seeing the photo of the Audi sedan that makes the article’s number one spot demonstrates this point. It’s quite amazing to see that the car’s cabin is fairly intact despite the entire front end crunched like an accordion.

Does a larger vehicle mean that you have to sacrifice fuel economy? Not as much as it used to. Modern electric vehicles, hybrids, engine efficiency improvements and other kinds of new technologies have improved fuel efficiency while still enhancing occupant safety.

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