The amount of trust it takes to buckle yourself into a 4-ton contraption relying on physics, engineering, and technology to barrel you down a road boggles the mind, when you think about it. Adding to this the fact that millions of other drivers are doing exactly the same thing in their own vehicular universes, it’s sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. In the case of a driver breaking a law such as running a red light and hitting you, it does. At that moment, a typical drive to get to work, bring the kids home from school immediately changes your life permanently.

Being hit by a red-light runner, sometimes at high speeds, is a life-changing event. Sometimes, life-ending. To survive this often takes a trip to the emergency room, and years of rehabilitation. Likely your vehicle will have been demolished. And life, if you’re lucky enough to have taken it with you after such an accident, must go on.

Yet you’re wondering, how, when there are so many bills to pay, and injuries to heal from?

It’s time to find a good lawyer. For decades, Bill Coats has helped accident victims deal with the complex process of recovery after motor vehicles collisions. Especially in reckless driving cases like the one above described, he has the skills and experience to find a fast, full, and fair settlement for his clients. Contact him today.

Don’t wait. Every state maintains a statute of limitations on all civil actions that victims may bring forward. Therefore, if the amount of time that you could file a suit expires, you lose your chance at financial recovery. Not having the funds to cover lost wages, doctors’ bills, wrongful death, and long-term rehabilitation compounds the problems you already face in re-starting your life. Don’t let this time pass you by, and contact Bill today. He will listen to you describe what happened, and assess your case. This is a free consultation; Bill doesn’t get paid until you do – he charges no up-front fees to take your case on. You have nothing to lose, but so much peace of mind to gain.

Statistically speaking, red-light running is one of the most frequent causes of vehicular accidents. Some cities have installed red light cameras at some of the riskier intersections. It’s not clear if those cameras prevent accidents, though some data suggests that the severity of accidents that do occur has gone down. All things considered, the unavoidable experience of traversing an intersection can be a dangerous one if someone breaks the law and runs the light. If this has happened to you, a friend, or a loved one, don’t hesitate to call Bill Coats today.  


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