You probably won’t have much choice – or awareness – about what kinds of medical attention you’ll receive directly after a car accident. Everything happens so fast, and the EMTs will be doing everything they can to stabilize you when seconds count. You may be rushed to Bellingham’s hospital, St Joe’s, or air lifted to Seattle. They will immediately focus on the most grievous of wounds, such as damage to the head and spinal column, broken bones, and lacerations. Once the bleeding stops, however, the pain may continue for a long time. 

Diagnosing chronic pain after a car accident can be very challenging even to the most skilled Bellingham doctors. Painkillers can be prescribed and become addictive, and meanwhile the sources of the pain may not be addressed. Chronic pain also takes a psychological toll on victims’ lives. It has been linked to mental disorders and behavioral problems, such as: 

  • difficulty sleeping
  • exhaustion, fatigue
  • hopeless feelings
  • abnormal or severe mood changes
  • irritability and anxiety
  • social withdrawal 
  • a weakened immune system, perhaps due to stress

Treating chronic pain

Keep a record of all your symptoms, the severity, and note the date(s) these symptoms occur. It can help your physician to have such a record, providing information that is often difficult to describe by memory during a check up. You can ask your doctor about pain management drugs and techniques that may be helpful to you in recovering from a traumatic auto or truck accident. The bottom line is, the more information you can give, the better your treatment changes and outlook for a full recovery.

Lastly, do not wait if you experience chronic pain that you believe has manifested after an auto accident. If your chronic pain can be linked to injuries that you suffered in a serious car accident that occurred because of someone else’s negligence or mistake, you may be eligible to receive compensation for your pain and suffering. 

Contact me, Bellingham’s top car accident attorney, for a free consultation. Especially if it has been long enough after an accident that chronic pain has developed, you need help negotiating the legal process. Also, please note there is a statute of limitations to every case, so if too much time after the accident has occurred, any potential money you could receive may be gone. 


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