This spoof video can feel spot-on if someone has attempted to negotiate with an insurance representative after a car accident.

If you are in an auto collision, sometimes the losses and damages are higher than the at-fault driver’s policy covers. Sometimes the at-fault driver doesn’t even have insurance. Does this mean there’s no help available to you to cover your bills and expenses so you can get your life back together? In Washington State, it’s required that all insurers must offer their customers underinsured or ininsured motorist protection. This part of your policy might be the best option in pursuing compensation. 

Representing yourself and working with your insurance company isn’t as easy as the commercials make it sound. Adjusters are going to ask you questions that are hard to answer, confusing, or might even feel like they don’t believe you. It’s simply that auto insurers have stakeholders whose best interest it is in not paying the highest amount possible per claim. It’s sad but true. This is why it helps to have someone who knows the laws and how to negotiate with insurance companies on your side. Because if they don’t play fair, then these cases are settled in court. 

However, there are rules and special circumstances that may apply so it’s best to talk to a lawyer before you file an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim. But the good news is, there is money available to cover your injuries and losses from a personal injury claim even if the at fault driver doesn’t carry a high enough policy to take care of it all. This video explains who pays after a car accident

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