On July 1, 2016 gas taxes were increased by 4.9 cents pushing the state tax to 49.4 cents a gallon.  This was the final installment passed by Governor Inslee and the state legislators.  This money will be used for state and local projects including bike paths and pedestrian walkways.  When we pump our gas, the tax is already figured in since the fuel tax was already paid for by gas wholesalers.  This is sometimes called “tax at the rack.” (Everett Washington Herald)  To name a few of the Whatcom County projects that these monies will fund in 2017: a fish barrier removal at SR 542 / Hedrick Creek; guardrail replacement at SR 542/ Cornell Creek Road to Nooksack River; and roadway improvements to James/Woodstock intersection.  For more information go to Whatcom County Projects.

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