18,000 pounds of metal speeding down the highway with a drunk driver is an unconscionably dangerous scenario, and  yet it is not unheard of on Whatcom or Skagit County roads. If a drunk commercial truck driver hit you on any road in Washington, you need skilled representation fast. It is highly likely you’re facing the aftermath of a deadly, catastrophic wreck and you should not do so alone. Contact Bill Coats Law today and set up a free consultation. Focus on rebuilding your life and do not attempt to negotiate with the trucking company responsible for this devastation.

Most accidents that occur between a commercial truck, or semi-tractor trailer, and another vehicle are complex. The trucking companies involve multiple parties, and have a vested interest in avoiding paying high settlements. In accidents in which drugs or alcohol were involved, the complexity level becomes very high. It becomes critical to investigate every aspect of the crash, gather evidence and building a strong case, as the at-fault party will be poised to protect their assets. Bill Coats Law will do everything possible to achieve the goal of finding you a fast, full and fair settlement.

Even though you are likely inundated with the effects of the wreck, it is critical to start working with an attorney as soon as possible afterwards. The sooner Bill Coats can begin to work on  your claim and dig into that evidence, the better your chances for the outcome you want. There is a statute of limitations to consider, which means there’s a deadline on filing a claim. If you wait too long, your claim and any compensation you may be awarded, would be in peril.

Strict safety standards apply to all commercial truckers. Did you know that the legal limit for truckers is lower than it is for other drivers? However, human nature is what it is, and not everyone follows the law. The effects of this can be catastrophic. Due to the stress of their jobs, it’s not  unheard of for truckers to use illegal drugs such as methamphetamine, marijuana, or other drugs to get through long hours.

A trucker who chooses to use drugs or alcohol while on duty takes a big risk. If he or she is found to be impaired after a traffic accident, both the negligent driver and his or her employer may be held accountable for damages. If you’ve been involved in an accident with a commercial semi-tractor trailer, wouldn’t you rest easier knowing you have someone on your side? The place to begin is  here.

Bill Coats Law serves accident victims with empathy and grit. He’s not afraid of taking a case all the way to court, in rare instances when the at-fault party refuses to settle. View a recent trucking accident case result here, and contact him at 360-303-0601 to begin the process of recovering your assets after such a terrible wreck. Bill Coats Law is located in downtown Bellingham, Washington, and works with accident victims in Whatcom and Skagit Counties, and beyond. Call him today.

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