Ah, winter is here in Bellingham, which means it’s the season for slip and falls involving snow and ice. During these months, patches of ice can quickly form on cold cement, and as we’ve experienced already this winter, piles of snow can accumulate on sidewalks, making them quite dangerous. If you slip and fall, it can lead to injuries such as cuts and bruises, broken bones, or even head injuries. When something so simple as walking down the sidewalk results in injuries, or being unable to go to work while you recover, it’s natural to want to know if there’s a way to make up for your losses and pain. My experience as a personal injury lawyer can help you determine who is at fault and what benefits you’re entitled to so that you can recover fully.

A couple scenarios described below can help someone who has taken a slip or fall figure out next steps, and notes who may be accountable for this negligence:

  • A business. Businesses are required to make sure that individuals entering or leaving their premises can do so safely. This includes snow removal and mitigating icy patches. If they haven’t done so, they might be to blame if you slip and fall on the sidewalk, in the parking lot, or any part of a business’ property.
  • An individual. Homeowners must clear snow and ice on drive and walkways around their property. If you slip and fall in front of someone’s house because they didn’t clear a safe pathway, the homeowner may be considered at fault for your accident.

If you’ve slipped and fallen on snow or ice, give me a call at 360-303-0601. We can discuss the details of what happened by phone or in my office in downtown Bellingham, and you won’t be charged for this case consultation. Our compassion and experience is here to help you when you need to file a lawsuit or make a claim.

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