I know, I know. Halloween is supposed to be fun, and here I am coming up with a post with tips to keep it safe. But I think even kids will agree that the best Halloweens include making it home safe and sound to enjoy all that great candy. In that spirit, here are some ideas to think about before the ghosts, witches, and monsters are set loose.

  • Make sure kids can see. It seems like an obvious one, but some costumes and masks come with eye holes that block peripheral vision. Also make sure costumes are made of fire-proof material.
  • Jack-o-lanterns with candles should be set out of the path of foot traffic, no matter how small the feet. If you opt for flameless candles, all the better.
  • Just in case it occurred to you, don’t give kids real scythes, knives, swords and so on if their costume calls for them. Even the plastic ones can have sharp tips that can cause paper-cut like pains. Make sure these props wouldn’t cause injury if fallen upon or used like kids might feel compelled to do.
  • When carving pumpkins, don’t let kids do the carving. Instead, give them a marker to make the face, and we all know there’s plenty of gooey pumpkin guts to play with while you carve.
  • Remember basic common sense safety still applies no matter how many people are out. Don’t get into cars with strangers, and don’t go trick-or-treating without some kind of supervision, be it an adult or a responsible teen. Cross with the traffic lights and look both ways before stepping into the street. 
  • Kids and parents should agree to a route and a time to check in and/or a curfew time. 
  • Halloween can get kids carried away and exposed to peer pressure, taking the “trick” idea too literally. Vandalism, such as throwing eggs at a house or worse can ruin a Halloween with the repercussions. Also, it’s terrible to think about but animals, especially black cats, are at a heightened risk of cruelty. Talk to your kids about this and make sure they know it’s not only morally wrong, but illegal, to harm animals.
  • Check candy before it’s eaten, and don’t eat treats that aren’t wrapped in the manufacturer’s original package. And yes, too much black licorice can cause heart problems (it causes potassium to drop.)

Have fun on Halloween but keep it safe, have some good, clean fun and your parents will trust you for many Halloweens to come! Showing them how responsible you can be will give you a feeling of pride and make them see just how adult you really are.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween! 

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