Many accident victims in Bellingham and Whatcom County encounter this scenario: after being shaken up and hurt in a car crash, they call their insurer and begin the claims process. Thinking the accident was obvious regarding fault, they think it should be easy to collect money for medical bills and wages lost during recovery. Maybe it’s a seemingly minor injury, and the process seems like it should be straightforward as advertised. However, they find that’s not the case at all. Even after being a loyal customer paying premiums on time, accident victims rarely find their insurer to be as generous as they would believe. We here at Bill Coats Law are often contacted by accident victims who have tried to collect their benefits on their own only to find loop holes and red tape, or even bad faith negotiations. We believe this is unfair, and work to help accident victims collect a fair claim for their suffering so they can focus on recovering their health.

Typical complaints from our clients about their experience trying to receive payment follows a pattern:

  • Insurance adjusters begin calling accident victims once the claim is filed. They ask for more information, recorded statements, and copies of medical bills. 
  • The adjuster offers a settlement figure which surprises the accident victim, because it’s lower than the accrued medical bills and property damage. This offer comes with pressure to accept it quickly. 
  • Documents and releases need signatures but they are difficult to understand.
  • Medical bills keep coming, and if unpaid, they will go to collections. 
  • Subsequent doctors visits show the injuries were more serious than originally thought, which creates more medical bills, and complicates the claims process. Often the adjuster will try to say these new medical issues have nothing to do with the accident.
  • Overall, the accident victim is pressured to try to make major decisions. These decisions have permanent consequences that are difficult to comprehend.

It’s about at this time that accident victims realize they need someone to act as a buffer between them and the insurance company, someone to advocate for them and explain the process.

This is where Bill Coats Law comes in. 

Our lawyers negotiate with the insurance companies so you don’t have to.

We make sure  you get a full settlement. If a good settlement isn’t offered, we have the ability and experience to take the claim to trial. Often just having that threat is enough for the insurance companies to make a good settlement, and save themselves the risk and expense of a trial. The rub is, insurers know that their customers have no leverage if they can’t take a claim to trial. When they make that initial offer as a take it or leave it scenario, they’re often right – unless they have to negotiate with a lawyer specializing in personal injury law. 

Bill Coats Law offers a no-fee guarantee. This means that there is no fee unless we win. Unlike the medical bills our clients face, we take no payment up front. Not until the case is settled and we have delivered a successful claim.

If this scenario describes your experience, don’t hesitate to contact us and get the help you need.


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