A common issue that affects accident victims is that when they’re recovering from an accident, they can’t work. Does this mean that you’ve got to take whatever time you’ve accrued in sick leave, or paid time off in order to not go without income while you recover? Not at all, and we at Bill Coats Law here in Bellingham certainly work for a different outcome. This will mean that accident victims have to file a wage loss claim. 

Sounds straightforward, right? Generally, it can be but the most important thing you need to do is prove what wages you are losing while you recover. Insurance companies are simply not going to take anyone at their word. What you ask for must be documented. I talk about this in my video on my YouTube Channel, Bill Coats Law, called Wage Loss

The amount of compensation you could get is formulaic, especially if your wage is easily documented and straightforward. FindLaw has a great article on what those calculations are in their article Getting Damages for Lost Income in Your Injury Settlement

For example, if someone is paid an hourly wage and receives a paycheck, it can be straightforward to determine what that wage loss figure is. Things can be more complicated if your work is more sporadic, or if you’re self employed. Let’s say for example someone works in the fishing industry. There are certain times a year when boats will go out, and other times when they won’t. Needing to take time off for injuries during the fishing season could be extremely taxing. It’s best not to try to negotiate with insurers on your own, as there are simply too many factors to inspire enough run-around that your claim could become quite delayed. Seeking advice from a lawyer as well as having the muscle behind you to settle fairly in or out of court can make a huge difference in these cases. 

For more information, a great resource to check out is the DMV’s page on Wage Loss and Car Accidents.

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