Summer makes for easy Bellingham driving, right? Not so fast!

As we enter Bellingham and Whatcom County’s summer season, we take a respite from winter driving conditions that make for wet, dark roads. However, driving is never something one could do with eyes closed – even though millions of distracted drivers basically do just that. Read on for these driving safety tips to make every drive right for the conditions.

Drivers don’t get a free pass from weather. In fact, after a dry spell, a rain can make roads even more dangerous than they are during the wet season. The reason is that over many dry days, oils and dirt can build up on the roadways. When the rain finally does come, these slippery substances lift off the surface and can make hydroplaning even more probable. It takes several rains to wash that stuff away, so take heed and be extra cautious when driving on wet roads after a dry period.

It can be easy to keep going and going with all the wonderful sunlight. Even more reason to stay out is all the wonderful music festivals happening around Bellingham and Whatcom County every summer. But fatigue sets in after a full day. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, or pull over and rest if you notice signs of fatigued or drowsy riding, a top cause of car accidents.

Teens are out of school, and so begin a higher likelihood of car accidents while they’re at the wheel.

Also, as Bellingham becomes increasingly sought after as a destination, from downtown Fairhaven to the many popular mountain biking trails, vacationers will frequent Bellingham more. Be mindful of drivers who may behave erratically as they are unfamiliar with the streets, or driving distracted as they work with their phone’s navigation systems.

Drunk and drugged drivers are always a threat, but again, the many festivities that come with summer in Whatcom County can increase the chances of a drunk driving car accident in Bellingham.

Kids are out playing, so maintain the speed limit, and be especially cautious in residential sections.

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