If you have been involved in a single car crash that occurred through no fault of yours, it may feel as though you don’t have any options for finding financial help to get you through the recovery process. Further, the insurance company and perhaps the authorities will likely figure that the crash was your fault, and it’s tough – as well as inadvisable – to argue against them on your own. Bill Coats knows that there are often more factors at work in a car crash, and a single vehicle collision is no different.

Common factors that may have caused your collision include:

  • Dangerous Roads – Governmental agencies are tasked with making sure the roads are properly maintained. Poor conditions of the pavement, lack of lighting, broken traffic signals or signage, or even poorly engineered roadways can start a chain reaction of conditions that even the most experienced driver would not be able to handle.
  • Negligent Drivers – a careless or aggressive driver can cause a collision if you must swerve to avoid them. Sometimes these drivers cause other cars to lose control of their vehicles, going off the road, swerving into or sideswiping other motorists, or other erratic, defensive maneuvers. It is unfair that you would have to pay for someone else’s mistake without compensation.
  • Defective Auto Parks – Increasingly, there are recalls from auto and parts manufacturers from products that are unsafe. Electronic glitches, faulty tires or defective brakes are a few things that can make driving dangerous.  

It’s not always obvious that other factors can be involved in a single-car crash. A good lawyer who knows what to look for, and asks the right questions is critical to this process of recovery resulting in a good outcome financially. Time is of the essence, since there are statutes of limitations that apply, as well as witness accounts becoming unreliable with lapsed time.  Bill’s consultations are always free. He does not get paid until you do. Call the right expert to get yourself back on track. 

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What does it mean, “my lawyer doesn’t get paid until I do?” 

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