It almost always happens when it’s least expected: being rear-ended. Often these types of accidents leave victims with devastating pain. Obviously physical pain can result, as well as emotional trauma. Last but not least, another long term impact is the financial strain of medical bills, loss of transportation, and even loss of wages.

After an accident involving a real-end collision, it’s important to know the facts. You have options and don’t have to soldier through it without help. Make an informed decision about the next steps to take, and talk with an experienced personal injury attorney. Call Bill for a free consultation.

Should I Get Help After a Rear End Car Crash?

Being the victim in a car crash is an overwhelming place to be. It’s hard to know what to do next because there are so many competing options. You or a loved one may have been injuried, and sometimes those injuries don’t show up immediately. Getting medical attention and rehabilitation is critical, and it’s best to get checked out as soon after the accident as possible. Delaying this treatment can worsen existing injuries, or lead to associated health problems. It can be scary to see a doctor if it seems like there’s not enough insurance to pay for all the treatment. But do not prevent yourself from getting the car you need.

It’s for this reason, among others, that you have the legal right to film a claim or lawsuit against the responsible party. However, to plot your own path through the maze of options, insurance policies, police reports, and all the evidence it can be critical to collect is often too daunting for those who must also focus on their health. This is why many injured survivors seek a lawyer’s help.

Is Hiring a Lawyer Necessary?

It’s true, hiring a lawyer is not the only option you have in pursuing compensation in a personal injury claim or even a lawsuit. However, attorneys like Bill Coats go through a rigorous education system, must pass a grueling examination, and have experience negotiating with insurance companies –  and have no qualms about taking the case all the way to court if a full settlement can’t otherwise be reached. The end result is often a higher settlement, and in the issue of your and your loved ones well-being, there’s enough on the line for so many injured people to decide to hire a lawyer.

The aftermath of a rear-end accident is overwhelming enough. Taking action and protecting your legal rights is the key to your financial future. Many times, there is a specific time frame in which you may pursue a claim, and many victims have just one shot to take legal action.

One tactic insurance companies use is giving the claimant the runaround, or offering a low figure, or even outright denying a claim. It can feel like going against a giant for many accident victims to try to get fair settlements. With a lawyer taking this struggle on for you, you then have what you need to deal with these giant companies and make your case. Bill’s use of strategy, empathy, and grit get his clients results.

If you’ve been rear-ended, don’t wait. The quicker you call Bill and talk about the details of your case, the better. If it’s the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars, wouldn’t you?


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