Your phone rings at 11:00 pm.  Reluctantly, you answer.  It’s tragic news.  A loved one has died in a car crash.  Maybe you are given a lot of information or maybe not so much.  Either way, the shock makes it hard to focus.  The idea that this person will no longer be in your life is excruciatingly painful.  In the aftermath, you may be the one that must handle the notifications, the funeral arrangements and the personal belongings of your loved one.  These details are hard enough to deal with through your grief.  Then the insurance companies start calling.  You care less about insurance details in the beginning.  However, as the days or weeks pass by, the everyday realities start creeping in.  Who pays for the bills? Who pays for your lost time from work? Who pays for the funeral?  Who pays for your GRIEF?  Personal Injury Attorney Bill Coats often represents these heartbreaking cases; he cannot bring the person back but he can take care of the insurance details as well as other issues that crop up.  Bill Coats advises that as soon as you are able, either consult with him or another personal injury attorney as soon as possible.  Even though money may be the last thing you care about, it is the practical side of continuing to live.  Personal Injury Attorney Bill Coats will get the maximum amount of money from all available sources because usually there is more than one “pocket”.  Call Bill Coats as soon as you are able.  He will also deal with funeral arrangements if you need him to.  If not, here is a partial list of the funeral home in Whatcom County:

Moles Farewell Tributes

Westford Funeral Home

Whatcom Cremation and Funeral

Jerns Funeral Chapel and On-Site Crematory

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