I am a good driver.  I stop for pedestrians.  I will hold my hand out to alert the driver coming up on my left that there is a pedestrian in the crosswalk.  However, the other day I had stopped for the red light coming out of Fred Meyers in Bellingham Washington.  As I was getting ready to turn right onto Lakeway, I quickly checked one more time to make sure no one was coming.  As I made my turn, the light changed green and if the pedestrian had immediately walked off the curb, I would have hit him.  It would have been my fault, but it would have been the pedestrian’s body.  Personal Injury Attorney Bill Coats has represented many pedestrians who have been injured; he has gotten them the top monetary compensation available.  However, every one of the pedestrians that Personal Injury Attorney Bill Coats has represented say that they would take their health over the money.  Bill Coats wishes there never was a category for pedestrian injuries but knows pedestrian injuries and death will continue.  Some pedestrian accidents cannot be avoided but some can by being a defensive pedestrian.  Don’t step off the curve before looking around; make eye contact if at all possible with the driver; pay attention to parked cars as they may be getting ready to move.  These are just a few suggestions.  However, if you are hit as a pedestrian, Personal Injury Attorney will aggressively represent you to maximize on your full monetary compensation.

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