Though semi tractor trailers are designed to carry heavy loads, they can be overloaded. When a truck carries more than it is supposed to, major, catastrophic wrecks can occur. These wrecks, as they tend to happen on interstate highways at high speeds, can happen on any Washington road.

It’s a sad fact that many trucks are overloaded typically, on any given day. Truckers and their companies are under pressure to maximize each trip, and sometimes this means trucks are loaded too heavy, or too quickly so they are not properly balanced.

If you or a loved one were hit by a commercial truck, it would be hard to tell if overweight or improper loading contributed to the wreck, or increased its severity unless you know what to look for. If this is a factor in your accident, then someone you love, or yourself, was hurt from negligent behavior.

A vehicle crash is a traumatizing time. There is the emotional aftermath, and the physical results typically mean injuries. Sometimes even death. There is the financial aftermath, as the bills from the emergency medical and rehabilitation services start to come. It’s hard to cope with this onslaught. But if you call Bill Coats Law, you can begin the process of getting back on your feet. It is a free consultation to talk about your case, and no legal costs are paid by you if Bill takes your case until the claim pays out.

Overloaded truck accidents can be caused by, or cause, the following issues:

  • Vehicle Breakdown – If a truck is carrying more than it is able to by design, parts may malfunction or break. Tires may blow out, or engines may fail. This could create a deadly domino effect that even the most skilled driver cannot help.
  • Rollover Accidents – Overloading a truck can lead to creating a higher center of gravity than is safe. As trucks already have a high center of gravity, this increase can make a truck even more liable to rollover. Add factors of slippery weather conditions, or windy roads and high speeds, and a wreck can occur.
  • Loss of Control – If a truck is improperly loaded, even the most experienced or skilled driver may not be able to handle the various scenarios a truck may encounter over a long trip and stay in control. A driver may not be able to adjust for how the truck decelerates or generally handles throughout the entire trip. Truckers are also under pressure to maintain a schedule, so sometimes an overloaded truck is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. When this happens, all nearby motorists are going to have to suffer the consequences.
  • Cargo Spills – It’s a terribly wasteful thing, but it happens all too often – a truck overturns and loses its cargo. If these items come loose and hit the roadway without the driver’s awareness, the other motorists behind the truck may have to swerve around moving objects, with dangerous effects. Some trucks carry toxic chemicals or liquids, and when they overturn there are environmental consequences that can have a long reach.

All of the above scenarios benefit from having experienced, knowledgeable legal counsel. Victims in these scenario can be due compensation from the trucking companies whose negligence contributed to the accident. The claim will have to be proven, and no trucking company will concede without a fight. Contact Bill Coats today and begin the process of reclaiming what you can after a devastating accident.

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