On November 27, 2016, a one car accident near the Birch Bay-Lynden Road injured a passenger, Lisabel Hernandez Morales of Bellingham, Washington.  The Lynden driver, Jose L. Vasquez Hernandez had drifted off the road, rolling his Chevy pick-up in the ditch.  Bellingham Personal Injury Attorney Bill Coats is not involved in this potential case but has vast experience handling injured passengers in one car accidents.  It can be tricky because the passenger usually knows the driver, but compensation for injuries makes consulting an attorney very prudent to make sure all avenues of insurance are tapped.  Bellingham personal injury attorney Bill Coats is standing by to offer critical insight into your case, if you have been the victim of a drunk driver. Call or email him today to find out more about your case, and learn about your options for financial recovery after such a devastating experience. He is well experienced in helping victims of drunk drivers recover. If you have been injured, or if someone you love has been hurt or killed, it’s critical to contact a skilled, experienced attorney who can be your advocate during the often-confusing, complex process of financial recovery. He offers free consultations, so you have nothing to lose.  To read more about this story, click here: Bellingham Herald

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