Bill Coats Law is growing! Kelly Elford has recently joined BCL as a paralegal. He has extensive experience in the legal field, including a law degree. As a legal intern, he focused on issues involving Chapter 7 bankruptcy and landlord-tenant disputes. Since 2004, he has worked as a paralegal, mostly in the personal injury field, including auto injuries, medical malpractice, and slip and fall cases.


One of Kelly’s favorite aspects of his job is helping clients. “Working with clients is really satisfying. I like being the one they can turn to throughout the legal process, answering their questions, explaining what’s going on, and taking care of this arduous, complex legal process for them while they put their life back together after a personal injury.”


Over the past fourteen years in the paralegal field, Kelly has seen many different approaches to personal injury law practice. “Sometimes attorneys forget that the legal field is a service industry.  Bill Coats and his team are very hands on and client-oriented. At many personal injury firms, the first and last time a client may meet with their lawyer is during the initial consultation. Bill likes to be there for his clients throughout the process.”


Having skilled and experienced team members is the key – since we’re a small firm, we are all familiar with our clients and what they’re going through as they recover their health and finances.


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