Spinal cord injuries are some of the worst kinds that accident victims suffer. Because of the factors present in motorcycle accidents, too often they tragically occur. Motorcyclists simply lack the protection that cars and trucks have. And yet not a day goes by without seeing a motorcycle driver on Bellingham and Whatcom county roads.

Bill Coats of Bill Coats Law protects the rights of his clients and knows how to get them through the complex legal process of getting a fair settlement after a devastating accident. He has a successful record of finding more money for his clients than they thought they could get after being the victim in a collision in which another person was negligent. To learn more about how to begin, all it takes is a free call to talk to Bill personally, at 360-303-0601.

Not all back injuries are immediately apparent after an accident. It takes some time for the initial shock of the accident to wear off. But the first moments after such a crash are critical in getting medical attention. If nerve damage occurs, movement, breathing, and other motor functions can be affected, and sometimes with lifelong consequence. The faster an injured person can get medical attention, the better the long term prognosis. Don’t play the tough guy and try to walk it off.

It’s a terrible fact that very few people regain mobility after injuries that cause total paralysis. However, if an accident victim has some movement in his or her legs following the initial trauma, the majority can return to significant movement. But this is provided that an ongoing regimen of proper medical care and treatment is followed. Medical care and therapy is critical.

A few seconds is all it takes for a severe collision to create life-altering consequences. If permanent or long term disability occurs, victims may not be able to work in the same capacity, with life long consequences to the victims and their familes. Medical bills will continue to mount while income is greatly reduced. Few insurance policies have the kind of coverage that fulfills these needs.

If your accident occurred in Bellingham or Whatcom County, the state’s statute of limitation will come into effect. This means personal injury victims have two years to pursue a lawsuit after the accident occurred. Wrongful death claims have a range of one to three years for their statute of limitations. If family members wait too long, it is not possible to recover any more money after that time.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident that involved a spinal injury, or any other kind of debilitating motor vehicle collision, you should be focused on recovery. Bill Coats Law can handle the stress and strain of going after a claim for you. Hire this experienced law firm that gives you the attention your case deserves. It’s a small firm located in downtown Bellingham that provides hands on representation through the whole claim settlement process, going to court if that is what it takes. Call now for your free consultation, at 360-303-0601.

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