If you’re tempted to park in a handicapped spot because you are only going to be gone for a few moments, don’t do it!  This applies to both public and private handicapped spaces.  Using handicapped parking spaces, now known as “Special Parking Privileges for Persons with Disabilities” without a permit is not only selfish but carries a hefty fine.  The fine for parking without a placard will cost you $250.  If you “willfully obtain” a special placard, such as buying a fake permit, making your own, stealing one or even borrowing one, you are committing a misdemeanor.  The maximum fine for selling a special permit has a maximum penalty of $1,000 and 90 days in jail.  Lying to a doctor about your disabilities to get a placard would cost you $5,000 and 364 days in jail!  To find out what disabilities do apply, see RCW 46.19.  This blog was condensed from an article in the November 14, 2016 Bellingham Herald.

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