Personal injury attorneys have some pretty derogatory nicknames that unfortunately go with the profession. Ambulance chasers and shysters come to mind. However, if you think about what the legal system means and the ways that personal injury attorneys fit into it, they do some good for society and the economy.

To redress a wrong committed on someone by taking them to court is the best way to right it and to regulate people’s conduct. The civil justice system was designed to fix the damage done by someone’s misconduct, be it intentional or negligent. The system supports a process to determine a legitimate consequence for its citizens who don’t act in accordance with the laws.

Cars can quickly get us to our destinations and back safely – until they don’t. In the wrong hands, they can act like dangerous weapons, causing serious injuries to innocent people. Since nearly every car wreck is caused by human error, there is nearly always someone at fault. A personal injury attorney can help right the wrongs the negligent or at-fault driver caused. Personal injury attorneys can help accident victims recover financially from medical bills, pain and suffering, and many different types of losses that most people don’t even think about until they’re face to face dealing with it, including future wage loss. How are average citizens supposed to know about all their options for recovering from a traumatic car accident if some lawyers (i.e. those who don’t specialize in personal injury law) don’t even know? 

I think about some of my past clients whose lives were affected because of someone’s negligence. What are hardest to think about are the kids who were accident victims. I talk about a few of their stories in my case results. The fact is, no one can take back what happened and undo wrongs that never should have been. But wrongs do happen, even ones that no parent should ever have to face. A good lawyer can help victims and their families recover financially, because no one should have to live with any more hardship than the accident irreparably caused. 

If you have been through a terrible accident or know someone who has, you probably have dealt with some unscrupulous insurance companies. Just the amount of paperwork alone can be hard for victims working on recovering. When the settlement initially offered is well below what victims would expect it can deal a big blow to the recovery process. Call a lawyer who specializes in helping accident victims. I’ve been serving as a personal injury lawyer for two decades and work for the people of Bellingham and Whatcom County who need help. Don’t go it alone; call today for a free consultation. 

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