I know you have been waiting breathlessly for the first installment of the Pedestrian Master Plan which is safety.  “Improve pedestrian safety through well-designed facilities along and across roadways, and by promoting safe driving, walking, and bicycling behaviors.”  (Master Plan, p. 8) For more information regarding the safety components. (Master Plan, p. 37)  Or, simply put, keeping cars from hitting people.  You may be interested to know that the 2012 plan identified the high crash locations in Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington as:

Lincoln Street at Lakeway Drive
Meridian Street at Westerly Road
Samish Way at Bill McDonald Parkway
James Street/Ohio Street at North State Street.

In downtown Bellingham, the key intersections that had one or more pedestrian accidents were:

East Chestnut Street at North Forest Street
East Holly Street at North State Street
East Holly Street at Railroad Avenue
Chestnut Street at Cornwall Avenue
East Magnolia Street at North State Street

And finally, the Alabama Street Corridor.  From 2004 through 2010, the Alabama Street corridor had over 93 pedestrian vs automobile collisions along the Lettered Streets, Sunnyland, Roosevelt and Alabama Hill neighborhoods.  In the last couple of years, if you traveled along Alabama Street, you were aware of the construction.  Now there is a plethora of street lights.  However, if you are a pedestrian, you welcome these safety measures! (MASTER PLAN, page 55) If you are a pedestrian who has been hit by a vehicle, Bellingham Personal Injury Attorney Bill Coats is highly experienced in these types of accidents and is the attorney to call if you are the unfortunate one to be hit by a car. To Contact Personal Injury Attornet Bill Coats, call me at 360-303-0601.

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