When I was in college many years ago, my mom’s home was burglarized. It seemed like a pretty straight forward claim to us. No one expected the insurance company to push back, especially after so many years of her loyalty and premium payments. But they nickel and dimed here every step of the way, to the point where the process to get her claim paid was harder on her than being burglarized. It truly opened my eyes to what’s behind the commercials and friendly slogans of the big insurance companies – they are out to make money, and they can’t do that if they don’t try to limit the money they pay out to accident victims.


It’s a sad truth, and worse to have it revealed through a loved one’s personal experience. This is what inspired me to become a personal injury lawyer. In all my years practicing civil litigation here in Bellingham, I’ve seen so many clients going through this very discovery at a time when they’re feeling the most vulnerable and in need of financial support.


To help orient those who are victims of someone else’s negligence here in Bellingham and Whatcom County, I’ve created a series of videos explaining aspects of personal injury law. Navigating the confusing territory of a personal injury claim takes some basic knowledge. Beyond that, the insurance adjusters know the ends and outs, so you should have an expert represent you. If you try to take them on without help, you stand little chance getting the money available to you – money that you deserve.


Nothing compares to hiring a personal injury attorney to advocate for you. Here’s some info about what you’ll need to know to be appraised of such a complex legal process as personal injury law and insurance claims. I hope it sheds some light on what we can do together.


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