On November 19, 2016, Costco will be moving from its Meridian location to Bakerview in Bellingham Washington.  What will this mean to traffic patterns?  Can you say “CONGESTION?”  Bellingham IS planning on short and long term improvements to help with the east-west traffic that Costco’s new location will cause.  Also, Costco will be building a new entrance from West Bakerview Road named Arctic Avenue, which will connect with Mahogany Avenue.  Mahogany Avenue, when completed, will connect the Pacific Highway and Northwest Avenue.  West Horton Road and Kline Road will also be extended.  Bellingham Washington Personal Injury Attorney Bill Coats warns that this new bottleneck of traffic will be treacherous to distracted drivers and unfortunately foresees more traffic accidents in this area.  He advises drivers to pay attention no matter how well they know the roads, but particularly to these new areas.  (November 13, 2016 Bellingham Herald)

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