Here’s one reason why it might be a good idea: a 1999 study from the Insurance Research Council found that settlements for victims were 40% higher if they had an attorney versus without one. That’s a big difference! When you see the commercials for insurance companies on television and just about everywhere else nowadays, you might be surprised that the study showed this gap. Seems as though if you’re a responsible driver, you make your payments on time, and you’re the victim of someone else’s mistake, you should be fairly compensated for your losses. That’s why we buy insurance (that, and it’s against the law to not carry a policy.) But the reality is very different.

So why is this?

One of the most im portant assets you have when you’ve got a lawyer on your side is that you’re able to negotiate a claim. You get to say “no” if you don’t like the settlement offer. With legal representation, you have a very useful card in your hand: the ability to go to trial if you don’t get the offer you want. Insurance companies don’t have to negotiate with you if you don’t have a lawyer. They know that you’d never win at trial representing yourself through the complexities of a car accident case. This is why insurance companies usually offer a “take it or leave it” settlement. An accident victim can say yes or no, and knowing this, the insurance company has no incentive to offer a fair award for your injuries and losses. 

To learn more about this, click here to see this video on why it makes sense to hire a lawyer for auto accident cases.

Here’s a great article from the DMV to help you decide if you might benefit from a lawyer’s help.

And if you need a great lawyer, here’s how to find one: Bellingham lawyer Bill Coats on how to select the best legal help

Bill Coats is an attorney in Bellingham, WA who helps accident victims receive a full, fair settlement fast. Learn more about his qualifications to help you decide if he’s the one for you.



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