As with any plan, an important start is to agree on the vision.  In 2012, a steering committee with input from various local and state agencies, along with public input stated: “The residents of Bellingham envision a community that invites people of all ages and abilities to walk for enjoyment, exercise, and daily transportation by providing a safe, convenient, and attractive pedestrian environment.” (Master Plan, p. i)

The pedestrian “network” includes sidewalks, off-street paths and trails.  There were seven guidelines when considering projects: (1) Safety  (2) Equity  (3) Health  (4) Economic Sustainability  (5) Connectivity  (6)  Multi-Modal Transportation and (7) Land Use and Site Design.  Future blogs will go into more detail regarding the goals.  If you just can’t wait, CLICK HERE for the 129 pages’ document of the Master Plan.

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