While it is summer and everyone, especially children are out and about enjoying what mother nature has to offer, it is important to remember safety and risk of injury during these exciting months. Children can be injured in many different ways, sometimes it is just a bruise but sometimes it can be more serious.

Here are some of the common personal injuries of Bellingham and Whatcom County children.

  1. Bike and car accident deaths among children are the top cause of death in children under the age of 14. Children under 14 are also more likely to die in a bike accident where a vehicle will collide with a child’s bike.
  2. Drowning and suffocation are another danger to children. Suffocation and drowning are very common among toddlers, who begin to have more mobility to explore unsafe areas, but do not have the ability to rescue themselves.
  3. Falls are one of the leading causes for non-fatal injuries for children of any age. 2.8 million children suffer from broken bones, concussions and other injuries each year due to a fall.

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